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North Dakota

My home state is rich with beautiful and diverse scenery. I am committed to sharing these landscapes in my style of painting to spread the word about North Dakota's beauty. Click on any picture to view a larger image, description, and information about purchasing the original painting.

Butte-i-ful View.jpg

Butte-i-Ful View, Western North Dakota

Fiddler on the Butte.jpg

Fiddler on the Butte, Western North Dakota

Bully Bully.jpg

Bully, Bully, Western North Dakota

Wild and Free.jpg

Wild and Free, Western North Dakota

Badlands Beauty, Western North Dakota

Missouri River Crossing, Bismarck, ND

My Hometown

I painted this series of paintings in honor of my hometown's 135th anniversary in 2018 and our all-school reunion. Click on any picture to view a larger image and description.

Sykeston High School, Sykeston, ND

St. Elizabeth’s Catholic School and Church, Sykeston, ND

Lake Hiawatha, Sykeston, ND        SOLD

Old Downtown, Sykeston, ND       SOLD

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