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Lake Hiawatha, Sykeston, ND

The original "Lake Hiawatha" painting has been sold, but prints, note cards, and many products with the artwork can still be purchased.




Lake Hiawatha was created in Sykeston, ND, by a dam built on the Pipestem Creek in 1908 by William Sykes, the founder of the town, and the Northern Pacific Railroad. It was originally designed to supply water for railroad operations. The original dam was leaking by the 1960s, and a new one was constructed. Various improvements to the waterway and the park over the years and the hard work of
the local citizens have preserved the lake and park as a recreation area, which is unusual for a town the size of Sykeston.

My memories of the lake and park include picnics at the end of the school year, getting sick on the merry-go- round, swimming lessons (that later helped me save my brother’s life), jumping off the bridge, family reunions and moonlight drives through the park.

This painting was done from a photo by Christine Tremoulet, daughter of fellow Sykestonite Jeanette Zwinger Selleck. It captures the iconic landmark of the hometown we know and love in the moments after a brief rain with a lovely rainbow seeming to beam right down on Sykeston.

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