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St. Elizabeth's Catholic School and Church, Sykeston, ND


St. Elizabeth’s Catholic School in Sykeston, ND, was built in 1914 for about $10,000, which was raised by parishioners who were dedicated to providing a good education for their children. Each farmer of the parish hauled six loads of stone and sand for the foundation. It was built solidly so that another story for a high school might be added in the future.


The Presentation Sisters from Fargo staffed the school, which held eight grades. In 1947, a residence for the sisters was added to the school. Enrollment on opening day was 52 with a high of 102. More than 600 students graduated from St. Elizabeth’s, with the final graduation ceremony held on May 24, 1968.

I was one of those graduates, attending St. Elizabeth’s from 1958 to 1966. My first-grade teacher was Sister Patricia, who also taught my dad. We all have unique memories of our years there. Mine include piano lessons from Sister Rose in the Sisters’ residence; softball at every recess; learning to love writing, art and music; being a cheerleader for the basketball team; and singing in the church choir.

My painting of the school includes the original church, where my class was the last one to make its First Communion, as a new church was under construction. Because my grandmother lived across the street from the school, my painting is from that vantage point. It also includes a hint of a green house in the background, which was the Hammes family home. Mrs. Alvina Hammes was one of the beloved cooks at the school when I attended.



This original "St. Elizabeth's Catholic School and Church" painting is for sale:

Dimensions: 16" H x 20" W

Medium: Acrylic on 1.5" canvas,

gallery wrapped

Price: $900

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