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Old Downtown, Sykeston, ND

The original "Old Downtown" painting has been sold, but prints, note cards, and many products with the artwork can still be purchased.




Founded in 1883 on the banks of the Pipestem Creek by William Sykes, an entrepreneur from Manchester, England, Sykeston, ND, was once a booming town. Sykes helped the railroad come to town, built some of the early businesses, and financed the construction of the dam that created Lake Hiawatha, the centerpiece of so many fond memories for Sykestonites.

The painting of Old Downtown came from my recollection as a child growing up in Sykeston in the 1950s, supplemented with some old photos that helped me piece together what downtown looked like, as well as emails to classmates to help with other details such as the colors of various buildings. Most of these buildings no longer exist.


The 1930 Model A car pictured on Main Street is reminiscent of a car that the Orville Lundby family preserved and still drove around town well into the 1970s.

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