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Badlands Beauty, Western ND


The Badlands of western North Dakota consist of miles of beautiful, rugged terrain that many outside our state do not realize exists. In sharp contrast to the rolling hills and rich farmland of the central and eastern parts of the state, the Badlands boasts Grand Canyon-like views that can take your breath away. In some areas, you will even see wild horses or buffalo still roaming. The area is a tourist attraction that includes the town of Medora with its rich history and the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

This acrylic painting was done entirely with my gloved fingers. A little more impressionistic than some earlier works, this one suggests the free and easy feeling of the Badlands and the beauty that it represents.



This original "Badlands Beauty" painting is for sale:

Dimensions: 18" H x 24" W

Medium: Acrylic on 1.5" canvas,

gallery wrapped

Price: $1,050

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