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Fiddler on the Butte

Fiddler on the Butte.jpg


This unexpected marriage of the rugged North Dakota Badlands with a performer facing an unseen audience in a late night concert was a delight to paint. I started this painting when I was an artist in residence in the beautiful tourist town of Medora, North Dakota this summer. 

Using a landscape photo taken by friend Mike Bruner as my inspiration, I played with the idea of a musical performance happening in the middle of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, rather than in the Burning Hills Amphitheater in Medora.  And since I love Fiddler on the Roof, the cowboy Fiddler on the Butte sprang from my fingertips! These particular buttes were especially suited to palette knife layering.



This original "Fiddler on the Butte" painting is for sale:

Dimensions: 16" H x 20" W

Medium: Acrylic on 1.5" canvas,

gallery wrapped

Price: $900

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