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The Heart's Passion Awakens the Soul


The original  painting has been sold, but prints, note cards, and many products with the artwork can still be purchased.


The centerpiece of a new body of work scheduled to be completed by Fall 2019, this piece depicts the performance of a classical piece from the musician's perspective. 

From the director's expression that conveys concentration on soft, soulful interpretation of the piece, to the musician's playing with their whole hearts, to the audience's appreciation not only in the concert hall but also across time and space.


Rather than showing the musicians in their actual seats, I have them surrounding the conductor and the audience, demonstrating how they work together to deliver a performance from deep within, striving to touch the hearts of all while paying homage to the composers. As they perform, they are not grounded or anchored by earthly limitations, but are instead absorbed in expressing the soul of the piece.


Certainly, the composers must be pleased that their music lives on through generations.

See the inspiration behind this painting and others!



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