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Virtuoso in the Making

Virtuoso in the making2.jpg


This is one of my favorite paintings. I love the expression on the violinist's face, and her absorption in the music. It is what I see with so many of my musician friends, whether they are singers or instrumentalists, they feel the music deep in their souls, and their faces reflect the depth of that resonance.

Part of a three-piece performing arts series in this monochromatic color scheme, this painting is rich with texture and layers. The subject stands out from the the background, which is subtle but yet shows movement. Something wonderful is happening here.

The neutral colors go well with any decor, whether you choose this piece as a stand-alone or whether you invite all three pieces to grace your space.



This original "Virtuoso in the Making" painting is for sale.

Dimensions: 36" H x 24" W

Medium: Acrylic on canvas, gallery wrapped, unframed

Price: $1,500

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