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Win-win: Art auction will benefit healthcare heroes

Sanford Health Foundation is conducting a charitable art auction on Facebook with all proceeds going to assist local healthcare heroes impacted by COVID-19. I donated my painting, "By the Light of the Silvery Moon," because I wanted to be involved with this worthwhile cause.

This commitment reminds me of what makes me an artist and why I devote so much of my time to the arts. I have always been an artist, but for many years my "day job" was in public relations, where I channeled that calling into producing communications and marketing pieces. In my spare time, I pursued visual and performing arts opportunities.

I truly realized the connection between the arts and healthcare when I worked at Mayo Clinic. I loved the philosophy of healing the whole person -- body, mind and spirit -- and the arts are critical to nurturing the spirit. I was part of a group of employee volunteers who sang for patients, where we witnessed firsthand the impact of the arts in soothing the soul and easing the mind. And surely during the pandemic, we saw how the whole world turned to the arts to lift their spirits in uncertain times.

That philosophy of healing through the arts carries into my style as an artist, where I feel I create the body, mind and soul of my paintings through my process. I build the pieces – creating the body by sketching the foundation and applying the first layers. Next, I shape the textures, giving the painting its purpose – opening the mind to what it will be. Then I add the painting’s soul – the twinkle in the eye or the sparkle of the moonlight on snow. My patrons tell me that still pictures don't really capture the rich texture of the paintings, so here's a video of the piece that I donated to the auction.

If you wish to join me in supporting our local healthcare heroes through the arts, go to this site on Facebook and bid on the beautiful artwork featured there. My piece is #7. You will gain a wonderful art piece to enhance your environment and refresh your soul, while helping support our local healthcare heroes, lifting them up during these challenging times. It is a definite win-win!

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