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The Magic of Medora

Hi, Friends, as some of you know, I’m writing a book about the history of Medora, ND. As the story unfolds chronologically, it is also highlights historical milestones in our state’s history. The manuscript is complete, and I have now started the FIFTY illustrations. I will have less time for painting during the next few months, so I am going to start sharing some snippets of the progress on the illustrations on my art page instead. I hope you enjoy it! The book should be out in time for Christmas this year!

My idea to write a book started with a question from our granddaughter Ava. On our first visit there, she was having a hard time understanding how Medora came to be and how people she heard about made it happen. People like Theodore Roosevelt from New York, the Marquis de Mores from France and Harold Schafer from North Dakota. We looked for a book to help us learn, but came up empty. So we decided to write one!

The Marquis De Mores was a very interesting, ambitious man. His vision helped build Medora, but he also had trouble getting along with his rancher neighbors. Here is my first illustration of him.

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