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Perfecting my technique

I've always loved texture in my paintings. Years ago, I discovered palette knife painting, and adopted that technique as my own, loving the ability to add layer upon layer of paint and mixing color on the canvas.

This beautiful ballerina, "Giselle's Grace," was done entirely with palette knife in oil.

Since launching into my career as an artist full time last year, I have experimented with several different methods, searching for what would be uniquely my style. I've also gone back and forth between oil and acrylic. I love them both, but oil takes SO long to dry. Recently I've settled on heavy body acrylics, and I'm sort of in love with them.

Inspired by finger painting artist Iris Scott, I also have experimented with skipping the palette knife altogether, and using my gloved fingers to apply paint.

This western North Dakota scene, "Badlands Beauty," was painted entirely with my gloved fingers and heavy-body acrylics.

Of course, painting detail with palette knife or my fingers is a challenge, so brushes are needed when details come into play. Most recently though, I've settled into a three-step process that I believe is becoming my own style.

"Virtuoso in the Making" phase one, done entirely with my gloved fingers.

Phase Two, using my palette knife to add more layers and detail.

And a professional photo of the final product, "Virtuoso in the Making," finetuned with palette knife and brush, painted in a combination of regular and heavy-body acrylics.

Don't miss my show at The Capital Gallery in Bismarck through the months of August and September to see all of my pieces.

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