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Lilac Love

Lilacs always remind me of my hometown in the Spring. Getting ready for prom, admiring tables filled with vases of fresh-cut lilacs for First Communion dinner, sensing the anticipation of seeding a new crop with the hope for the futiure it brings with it -- all those memories come flooding back.

As I was painting this piece, I could smell the lilacs blooming outside my studio window. It was also close to Memorial Day, and I remembered that many people used to put fresh lilacs on the graves of their loved ones. I set up a camera and recorded the steps of painting this piece. You can view the video here. Lilac Love is one of my favorites, and it's currently on display at The Capital Gallery in Bismarck, ND, as part of its Walking on Sunshine exhibition. You should stop in and see it before the end of August. I think you'll love the lilacs too. You might even smell them!!

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