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2020 was a great year for art

While 2020 was a not-so-great year for many reasons, it was a great year for LInda Donlin Fine Art! My sales increased significantly; I won some awards; I learned some new techniques; I did an art residency at The Capital Gallery's Holiday Showcase; and I had a steady stream of requests for commissions. For that, I am very grateful!

This Christmas commission of a golf course in Arizona was so much fun to create. From the client when she received it: "I just opened it, and it is incredibly gorgeous! I'm so excited to give it to Dean and hang it up!" After Christmas: "The painting was a big hit! Thanks again, Barb & Dean"

I love helping people achieve their vision for a painting that is a special gift for someone or that will have a special place in their home or office. I work with the client and send them progress reports/photos all along the way to make sure we are on the same wave length. I've done paintings from photos of people that were just like the photo. I've done paintings of people where the only thing that was used from a photo was the person, and we completely created a new background.

I've done a painting of a farm from two aerial photos taken 10 years apart. I've created paintings of locations where I've completely changed the time of day, the appearance of the sky or the season. I've done paintings that were just from a sketch or an idea that either I or my client had. Another of my passions is interior design, and I've created paintings for clients that perfectly match the design of the space we've decorated. I'm pleased to share that they all were happy with the results!

This painting of a friend's granddaugher was one of two created for Christmas gifts for his children. On Christmas Day, he sent this: "The early reviews are in: "Awesome," Perfect," "Great," "That is so cool," said by Alex's mom with tears in her eyes. The reaction was all I hoped for and more. I am blessed."

2021 is shaping up to be another great year for art! I already have orders for two more commissions, and I'm busy working on them right now! If you have an idea for a piece that you've been thinking about, I'd be happy to talk to you about it. Just send me an email, and we can start the conversation. Or I have several originals still available on my website as well. I hope that 2021 will be your best year yet! Cheers!

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